Thursday, 1 June 2017

Politics and Poetry: Chapter 46

Poem of the Month

Beatons is the perfect politics-free zone for you to muse on where we can best govern!  An inspirational 'chapter' from one of Liz's forthcoming books: 'The Tao and Tea for you and me'

Chapter 46
The masters of the metaphor ensure the dregs
enrich the soil constantly
when now is absent sugar poisons my Tea and dulls my taste-buds
there's no greater crime than adding false sweetness to your Tea
there's nothing so crude as drinking without tasting
no worse tragedy than pouring Tea into a cup that's already full
spilling stories of who might lose and who might win
then fighting about who took over the party

... forgetting that it all happens within.

Liz Darcy Jones 
June 2017